Thursday, October 10, 2013

Prewedding Preparation

What should we do if someone want us to take picture for prewedding? This's the first first for me. And quite make me confused, about the preparation because I never join any management photo before. Moreover, I still don’t have any equipment.  So, the step I take is: (1) go to location and find the spot before photo session day. (2) have an agreement with client about the system. That system can consist: the session, time, editing, how much photo they will get, and so on.

However, this first prewedding photo shoot is very big experience for me. We cannot think that everything will be okay. Sometimes, what client say before can be different after photo session. Especially, about the photo selection and editing. So, what I learn in this project is: we must make a deal to client specifically. Communication is very important thing and we must brave to firm with client.

Don’t tired of learn
Sincerity is the most important, whatever the job we take
Do what you love and love what you do
C’est la vie! 

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